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A World Leader in Cable Technology

From 6,000 meters below sea level to 5,000 meters above, The Rochester Corporation is technologically equipped to meet your toughest challenge. Each cable is designed, developed, and manufactured to rigid specifications tailored to the particular application. The use of our computer aided design program allows for reliable prediction of cable torque, rotation, and elongation characteristics. Coaxial cable distributive parameters and transmission line characteristics are also available through computer analysis.

Newer technologies have focused on optical fiber for data transmission. For example, The Rochester Corporation's STEEL-LIGHT® was developed to meet the challenges posed by harsh environments and rigorous operational scenarios. Cables utilizing the STEEL-LIGHT® product meet the hydrostatic pressures encountered at full ocean depth and endure the mechanical stresses imposed during the repeated flexure affiliated with dynamic systems.

Since each application is different, The Rochester Corporation has recognized the need to keep pace with new developments and to maintain expertise in the use of an expansive list of materials. Our experience with various metallic and synthetic alloys contributes to the working success of new products and allows for greater design flexibility. Our own wire mill, unique to most cable manufacturers, produces high-carbon, high-tensile wire to exacting requirements thereby meeting the operational parameters and goals expected by our customers.

In our commitment to offering only the best to our customers, The Rochester Corporation continues to invest in people, equipment, and facilities so that tomorrow's technology is available today. Technology driven, we are committed to providing working solutions through synergies in design innovation and materials, promoting growth for ourselves and our customers in the ever expanding global marketplace.