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Rochester Wire and Cable, LLC

Quality You Can Trust

It is our goal to consistently provide products, deliveries, and services that meet the quality and value requirements of our customers. In acknowledgment of our continued pledge to reliability, The Rochester Corporation has maintained certification to the internationally recognized ISO9001 quality standard since 1993.

In step with our commitment to product reliability, The Rochester Corporation undergoes both external and internal quality audits to assure the continuous improvement of our activities. Based on the concept of continuous improvement, The Rochester Corporation persistently seeks new and improved methods to ensure process control and product reliability. Internally generated documentation promises that each manufacturing step is controlled and evaluated. Engineering specifications focus on incoming, in-process, and final inspection criteria on individual cable components throughout the production stage to determine the reliability of materials, manufacturing processes, and the completed product.

Equipped with an extensive range of test equipment and facilities, The Rochester Corporation has the ability to conduct a wide variety of optical, electrical, mechanical, and environmental tests. Large capacity (up to 125yd³, 96m³), in-ground water tanks that can be temperature controlled (within a range of 5.5°C to 20°C) are used to fully submerge various cable components and completed cables to verify dielectric integrity. High potential voltage withstand, leakage current detection, and insulation resistance are but a few electrical tests designed to confirm reliability. Optical testing such as OTDR and spectral measurements comprise some of the evaluation methods used to determine optical performance, while an array of tensile and cyclic flex fixtures are available to perform mechanical analysis. All tests are predicated on guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

The Rochester Corporation's dedication to quality and reliability marks the difference between our customers' success or failure. It is the success of our customers that has made us the quality leader in cable manufacturing. Product reliability through continuous improvement of our processes, workmanship, and materials is the foundation for future growth.