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A Convenient Global Network

As part of our ongoing commitment to swift, efficient service, Rochester Wire & Cable, formally known as The Rochester Corporation, maintains a network of sales offices, agents, and warehouses throughout the world. We recognize that a global presence is critical in today's market, and time is a precious commodity, especially with our customers operating worldwide. Our technical and sales staff are cognizant of these demands and are able to provide well-informed answers to your questions. Their support is complemented by our warehouses which can be found in strategic locations worldwide. Access to inventory in these warehouses eliminates the need for endless waiting and exorbitant shipping costs.

Rochester guarantees that you, the customer, promptly receive what you need, where you need it. Barriers such as distance and language present no dilemma, and no location is too remote. Despite our primary function as a manufacturer, we at Rochester Wire & Cable also consider ourselves to be in the service industry – our primary goal is customer satisfaction.

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